Only Sunday morning worship services will be held in person until July 31, 2020. 

we procLaim God's

Amazing love

in Christ to the world

You are loved by an Amazing god

Jesus loves you more than you will ever know. He loves you in your best days and in your worst days. Why? Because he made you. And, not only did he make you, he died for you to redeem you from your sins. He loves you in your whole person because he made and redeemed completely. It is this amazing love that we proclaim! 

Latest Sermon

King David and his army found themselves in a tenuous situation at the time in which he wrote Psalm 60. They were in a fierce battle with the Syrians in the North when the Edomites attacked from the South. And, the Edomites were coming for blood. They had a bone to pick with the Israelites because of the history between their ancestors Jacob and Esau. Fear dominated the land. But, God had a word of clarity for them, which they heard in the place of sanctuary -- Jerusalem. The Lord's reasonable word calmed their spirits and they were ready to go to battle again. They had confidence in the Lord. Join us as we seek to apply these truths to our current lives.

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